Ideal Husband {by me}

x3 HiRes: M5 Outtakes

While waiting for new "Lost" episode to download I went on "pictures hunt" and came across new (old) Maroon 5 photoshoot. And yeah... I decided to share.. :P So here they are... In full HiRes glory (I had to resize them cuz they were like 6MB size each o_O, but they're still huge).
BTW: Do you like new header I made? :D

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Ideal Husband {by me}

I love you, my dearest SUN!

I'm driving to some kind of private alt.rock concert tomorrow. That's awesome, because I was stuck in my flat since last saturday... It was raining 5 whole days, or more, I lost count! It was terrible, I haven't see such bad weather for a long time. But today the miracle happened, I woke up, and I saw sun shining through my window! I love you, my yellow sun! Never leave me again! I don't care if you're burning! :D
I'm so tired of rain... but I hope you're not tired of my M5 picsspams! I just love posting pictures of them! So here's bunch of HiRes again...

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Ideal Husband {by me}

I'm going to "Rock Nights"! Woohoo!

I spend two weeks doing absolutely nothing. I'm soo bad... :] But tomorrow I'm going to the "Rock Nights" festival. My friend's friend driving us there. Can't wait, I really want to see it! There will be lots of people. My friend just informed me, that he will take 50l of beer... Jeez... 5 people and 50l of beer... It's bad that I don't like beer that much... Anyway I'm eating alot today to prepare my stomach because I won't take much food.

My boyfriend can't go to the festival. He has to tak care of his grand-mother... :[ Today he asked me "to be a good girl and do not make out with other boys, if not, he will kill anyone who touched me and he doesn't care if he goes to jail then." Oooohh, I love him so much! Yesterday we on the phone alot, we're both were on good mood so it was so funny and crazy chat! Xixi :]

Now it's a spam time, because I haven't done one for allmost a month! Enjoy! :D~

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